A Bit of Info
I'm a Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer from Rockford, IL.  I have been tattooing for about 13  years  and piercing for about 16    years.  I took over Fink Ink Tattoo  August 1st, 2015. I have been around tattoo shops since I can remember, being that both my parents are artists/owners themselves.  I owe a lot to my parents and also the people I've worked with/for over the years for equipping me with the necessary tools to venture out on my own. For that I will be forever grateful.  I have a huge supporting cast in my family/friends. I'm a proud father. I'm also a HUGE sports fan.   



A  Bit  of  Info


I'm  a  Tattoo  Artist  from  the  Greater  Chicago  Area.  I  have been  tattooing  for  6  years.  I  started  my  tattooing  career  in  Milwaukee.  I  have  aspired  to  be  a  tattoo  artist  since  childhood.  My  inspiration  came  from my  Great-Grandfather  Leo  who  was  a  cartoonist  for  the  Chicago  Times. I am a very big movie and comic book enthusiast. I hold a huge spot in my heart for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks. Also an avid wrestling fan.  

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